Sunday, 14 April 2013

The recording

lists of flowers from which Blodeuwedd is created in English, Welsh, Breton

recorded in a kitchen, a living room, an office...and the airing cupboard...
that thread of the domestic that I like to weave into my work

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

the installation

reconcile cysoni III at Adar

reconcile cysoni III at Adar

I will post a link to the sound piece soon....

plant names

A list of the English & Brythonic names for the plants that make up Blodeuwedd

A LINK to a pdf document via dropbox

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

at Adar

She will be owl and flowers
Tylluan a blodau fydd hi

We know she is owl, under soft feathers there is brittle winter flora. We articulate her unfolding.
Rydyn ni’n gwybod mai tylluan yw hi, o dan y plu meddal mae planhigion brau’r gaeaf.

We name her
Gwnawn ei henwi

a sound recording, words & images: transformations, bird, plant, woman.


Also: Ysgwydd, a spoken duet to be performed at the opening


To coincide with the BBC Springwatch return to Ynys Hîr RSPB Reserve, Capel y Graig will be hosting Adar 2012.
The Exhibition brings together works by Denis Curry, Maria Hayes and Maura Hazelden that explore the relationship between birds and humans.

Adar will be opening at 7 pm on Friday 1st June 2012 with an evening of music and performance with Julie Murphy, Lou Laurens and Cangen, a spoken duet from Maura Hazelden.

The Exhibition continues 11am - 6pm Saturday 2nd of June - Friday 8th of June. (closed Sunday) Capel y Graig is situated in the village of Furnace on the A487, 12 miles north of Aberystwyth and 6 miles south of Machynlleth.

Online Catalogue

Parking is available in the Cadw Dyfi Furnace car park. (as signposted down the lane opposite the furnace.)
Capel Y Graig on a map


I will add some images & some sound once the exhibition is open

background information

This is part of two ongoing projects, one being Reconcile: making Blodeuwedd flowers and owl; and the collecting of plant names in English and the Brythonic languages.

 Blodeuwedd, made of flowers by men for a man, transformed and banished to the night as an owl

Some say she should be flowers, I say she needs to be flowers & owl. We know she is owl. Under soft feathers there is brittle winter flora. We name her fully, in all her parts, make all her parts whole. We articulate her unfolding.

The poetry in lists.

I am continually influenced by the domestic, if not in the content of the work, it might be found in the presentation.

Mae hyn yn rhan o ddau brosiect cyfredol; Cysoni yw un: gwneud Blodeuwedd yn flodau ac yn dylluan; a chasglu o enwau planhigion yn Saesneg ac yn yr ieithoedd Brythonaidd.

 Blodeuwedd, wedi ei gwneud of flodau, gan ddynion i ddyn, wedi ei gweddnewid a’I gyrru allan i’r nos fel dylluan.

Mae rhai’n dweud mai blodau ddylai hi fod, ond dw i’n dweud mai blodau a thylluan yw hi. Rydyn ni’n gwybod mai tylluan yw hi. Dan blu meddal, mae planhigion brau’r gaeaf. Gwnawn enwi pob rhan ohoni, a gwneud ei holl rannau’n gyfan. Rhoddwn lais i’w hymagor.

Y farddoniaeth mewn rhestrau.

Caf fy nylanwadu o hyd gan fyd y cartref, os nad yng nghynnwys y gwaith, efallai y ceir hyd i’r dylanwad hwnnw yn y cyflwyniad.

 reconcile /,ri:k¥n,sail/ 1 Make friendly again after estrangement. 2 (usu. in refl. or passive; foll. by to) make acquiescent or contentedly submissive to (something disagreeable or unwelcome) (was reconciled to failure). 3 settle  (a quarrel etc.). 4 a harmonize; make compatible. b show the the compatibility of by argument or in practice (cannot reconcile your views with the facts)
reconcilement the bringing to agreement things at variance

Crataegus monogyna thorn


bridal virgin may
blushes in the june sun
red fruits for autumn

26_04_08 031 hawthorn lpe


A link to a collection of images of hawthorn

Ladies' Meat,
Bread & Cheese Tree,
Mother Die
draenen wen,
y ddraenen wen,
y ddraenen,
coeden griafol,
coeden eirin moch,
pren bara a chaws,
blodau mis Mai

Spernen wyn
spern gwenn,
per a verc'hez,
per ar doue,